Willow Glen Tour


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Please keep in mind that not every request will be able to make it on tour. Contact us with any questions regarding tour placement.

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Every Thursday

9:00am: Doors Open

9: 30 am: Tour meeting begins

10:00am: Tour Leaves

12:00 noon - Tour is finished


Rookies Sports Lodge

1535 Meridian Ave #10 San Jose CA 95125


 How to get on tour


Getting a home on the Willow Glen Tour is easy!

Just follow these guidelines and fill out the form.

  • Have a listing in MLS Area 10 (Willow Glen)

  • Have your listing ON MLS no later than 12 Noon the day before tour

  • Plan ahead - we only have 8 spots most weeks, it is first come first serve

  • Use the form on this page to submit a request - while not every request can make the tour, someone will contact you on Wednesday if you are not on tour